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Technology Consulting Project Development Supply-Chain-Management Projektmanagement

Procurement & Supply Chain Management

 Sourcing (market research, supplier screening, qualification) Proceedings to request for information, proposals and quotation) Awarding and contract management Supplier development and relationship management Project procurement and logistic management Purchase-to-pay, ordermanagement & administration Supply management and documentation Make or Buy - the business about industrial and manufactured goods is in change with regard to shrinking in-house production and increasing outsourcing. Today´s demand are flexible adjustment to production ability and capacity, technological innovation and customized services. Modern production of manufactured goods are organized by value-added networks in which processes with regard to quality, cost, agility, efficiency and risks are decentralized to outsource production and services. Through purchasing more pre-fabricated goods, outsourcing services, increased complexity and customer oriented integration, the procurement organisation are challenged by raised competency required, additional expenditures for resources to control the procurement, quality and supply management effectively and gain strategic savings. Thus interdisciplinary, cross-functional, senior management will be required.  Expediting Quality control Final inspection & acceptance tests Documentation & logistic support Project management und controlling Coordination und communikation Claim management
 Consulting and support to establish, document, implement, maintain and continually improve management system according ISO 9001:2015 und ISO 14001:2015 Support to process management, direction and control Documentation and management to control documented information Assessment of environmental aspects, laws and regulation Environmental survey, lifcycle- and mass flow analysis Evaluation of environmental performance Risk management Internal auditing and partizipating on certification Qualifying und auditing of external affiliates and suppliers

Quality- and Environmental Management

Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfil the requirement of quality criteria e.g. related to product specification, management commitments, customer satisfaction or claims of interested parties. Quality management therefore deals with coordinated activities to direct and control an organisation to obtain best level of quality by a quality management system which establish policy and objectives to achieve those objectives through embodiment of people and facilities with an arrangement of responsibilities, authorities and relationships, a set of conditions under which work is performed, processes and related infrastructure. To improve the quality of an organizations outputs, including goods and services, by a structured approach to overall organizational management with continual improvement of internal practices is contemplated as Total Quality Management (TQM).

In Regard to environmental protection organizations of all kind are concerned to achieve proper environmental performance by controlling the impacts of their activities, products and services on environment. To enable an organization to develop and implement a policy and objectives which take into account legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes, and information about significant environmental aspects will be managed at best by an environmental management system.

Project Management

Plant and machinery business is exposed to increased demand of customer indivdual solutions and services which are unique and to be considered as projects. Project management hereby is a critical factor for success. To obtain best results relating to quality, cost and time requirements project oriented management and control of products, services and all activities in regard to leadership, communication, supply and flow of information, design, engineering, budget control, contract-, resources-, quality-, time and customer relationship management are of prime importance. With other words: Project management assures quality within time and budget through leadership, the ability to establish vision and direction, to influence and align others.

 Project management für industrial projects, plant and machinery Contact person for coordination and integration Time-Management, Budgeting and Controlling Documentation & Logistic support (Data) Supervision and manufacturing control Site management and commissioning Conception, planning and project realization (lead-through) Customer Service and supplementary budget management Technical sales support and communication

Engineering Services

Competency, performance and flexibility are basics of my self-contained supply of work performance and services provided by expertise and wide management experience. The portfolio of planning work and engineering services are characterized in style of construction by basic evaluation, planning, contracting, site management and supervision. Further more I offer engineering services on the basis of fixed-term contract according to functional and technical specification as statement of work respectively scope statement.



 Feasability studies and project work Conception, planning, supervision Technology Marketing Design und Engineering Technical Documentation Environmental engineering Sales Management (Customer Support)  Waste management Water treatment Recycling & mass flow management Renewable energies Bio-process technology Biogas- and hydrogen technology Plant and machinery

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Porthun



After Bio-Engineering and Process-Engineering studies specialized with diploma in chemical analysis (HPLC, GC, GC-MS) and measurement of fine dust fiber particles (REM-EDXA).  After years been working in certified laboratory for air pollution control as expert for asbestos in buildings, formation of own engineering firm wherewith became successful in the processing (analyse, planning, execution, control) of asbestos removal and refurbishment of buildings (i.a. complex shopping center, larger office buildings). Further more worked for chemical analysis relating to indoor air pollution, OHS, waste and environmental management and consulting (ISO 14000, EU-EMAS). Postgraduate studies in civil engineering (green building, energy efficiency), renewable energy and environmental sciences at university. Over ten years practical experience in manufacturing and energy systems engineering by activity and employment of many years in international plant engineering and construction with functions to engineering, sales, procurement (supply chain) and project management (PMP®). Actually to be under way in R&D for clean and sustainable technologies  and acting in supply chain management.




Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Porthun


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